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Filming for the Armory of Harmony

Recently, I got to film with cinematographer Ron Condon, who filmed with production on Point Break, Chasing Mavericks and TV shows like Lost and Baywatch.


Condon needed a local crew for a piece of a project being created by musician and film and television composer Richard Gibbs. 

Keegan Gibbs, Condon, Matt Maloy and I filmed the Seabreeze High School marching band with Mystic Marley, Bob Marley's granddaughter. 

Our clips from the auditorium and on the beach with Mystic and a100-piece band will go into a music video by the Armory of Harmony.

This organization's home page says it inimitably, and I encourage you to visit for the short read, which includes guidance from Plato, instrument manufacturer participation, and impossible to deny and beautiful logic like this; 

"Armory of Harmony is about where we agree: Mental health is an important aspect of gun safety. Music is a universal language that connects us. Our constitution is sacred. An instrument in the hand of a child is a tuning fork of healing for the collective soul."

Please visit to learn more and stay tuned for updates!

- Jordan Kahn

Photo: Matt Maloy

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